Register your interest or reserve your seats (1st-come-1st served)




Please read and understand the following conditions. 

  • I will submit the PSMB application form and scan/email/fax/deliver before the program cut-off date together with copy of MyID (front & back) and my company latest payslip. I WILL MAKE SURE my name and my company’s name on the form is same as on the payslip.
  • I will apply for the approval of this training program and absence of leave (where applicable) with my company directly
  • I will get my immediate supervisor to endorse on the PSMB application form and make sure the HR information is accurate and that I will get the company stamp to be stamped on the form. I will also check with HR if the company is HRDF registered.
  • I understand that it is compulsory for me to have full 100% attendance and participation in the program requirements including the online learning and face-2-face sessions where applicable
  • I will sit for the program examination where applicable in order to be awarded the certification
  • I will sign and complete the attendance sheet and evaluation form in order to be considered as completion of the program
  • I understand that I am not allowed to withdraw or change or transfer to another date unless if it is medical emergency (subject to PSMB’s approval) and I cannot send replacement. For any other reasons –I need to apply for approval and inform the training provider 2 weeks before registration closing date
  • I understand if I fail to comply with the above and fail to attend all the classes, the training provider reserves the right to ask me to compensate for cost incurred
  • I confirm that I am currently NOT attending nor am I currently applying for another training program with your company or another training provider. I can only apply for 2nd program after I have completed the 1st program
  • YES! I confirm my registration for the above program and I confirm that I have read and understood all the terms and conditions stated here for the 1MalaysiaGRIP fund programs.

FOR HRDF REGISTERED COMPANIES – You need to get HR division to submit an official letter with company letterhead to give agreement to use the 30% levy for the trainees to attend the prog and they must have enough balance in the 30% levy to cover the full program cost (cover letter template provided) – only one letter/per class required stating all the names of the trainees for each class.