ICMI Contact Centre Management Certification Program

This certificate program is designed to help contact center professionals and organizations worldwide achieve excellence, ICMI and the Call Center Industry Advisory Council (CIAC), an international group of contact center practitioners and industry subject matter experts, identified role-specific knowledge, skills and attributes/competencies that underlie superior contact center job performance. This first of its kind certification is the only industry-recognized and accredited credential that develops and validates the competency of contact center professionals.

This course is fully funded by 1Malaysia GRIP

Under this initiative, any Malaysian who is currently working with a company registered in Malaysia is eligible to apply. Please fill in the form in order to check your eligibility. Or call us directly (Ms Shirley: 018-6635669)

Since 1985, ICMI has helped more than 50,000 organizations in 167 countries through training, events, consulting, and informational resources. ICMI’s experienced and dedicated team of industry insiders, trainers, and consultants are committed to helping you raise the strategic value of your contact center, optimize your operations and improve your customer service.




Course Content:

Module 1: The Role of Contact Centers

Module 2: The Driving Forces of Contact Centers

Module 3: Establishing and UsingA Service Level and Response Time Objectives

Module 4: Forecasting Definitions, Principles and Methodologies

Module 5: Staffing Calculations and Queue Dynamics

Module 6: Forecasting and Staffing for Non-Phone Contact Channels

Module 7: Scheduling Principles and Methodologies

Module 8: Real-Time Management

Module 9: Routing and Self-Service Options

Module 10: Measuring Quality and Accessibility

Module 11: Measuring Efficiency and Cost Performance

Module 12: Measuring Strategic Impact

Module 13: Building a Technology Strategy

Module 14: Site Selection and Facility Design

Module 15: Disaster Recovery


Course Content:

Module 1: Organizational Design, Structure and Strategy

Module 2: Establishing Contact Center Job Roles

Module 3: Strategic Staffingq

Module 4: Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring

Module 5: Managing Turnover

Module 6: Creating a Learning Environment

Module 7: Developing and Implementing Effective Training

Module 8: Establishing Performance Objectives

Module 9: Effective Quality Monitoring

Module 10: Coaching for Improved Performance

Module 11: Motivaqtion

Module 12: Career Development and Satisfaction

Module 13: Creating and Leading Teams

Module 14: Building a High-Performance Culture


341509-1052587-108x108-9668100TB01WORLD-CLASS ONLINE EDUCATION
Our competency in professional development for the customer managements service is unmatched; ICMI is deemed the gold standard worldwide. ICMI Online’s Contact Centre Management Certification Programme is designed to provide you with a well-rounded, global understanding of the ever-changing airport industry.


341509-1052590-108x108-9668160TB04DESIGNED FOR BUSY PROFESSIONALS
Each certificate programmes are designed to be completed in just 24-hours, these programmes will take you through best practices to navigate the constantly changing customer management professionals and enhance your leadership abilities. ACI Online develops and delivers innovative education programmes designed specifically for busy professionals seeking to improve their marketability and gain a leading edge over their competition.


341509-1052593-108x108-9668120TB02INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION
Join the ranks of global industry leaders from contact centres across the regions who have participated in ICMI’s online programme. This course focuses on the global understanding of the customer management business thus enhancing the knowledge of overall contact centre operations and complex relationships in providing world class customer service.


341509-1052594-109x109-9668150TB03GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED UNDER HRDF

For the first time in Malaysia, ICMI Online programmes offered by Event Mastery (EM) are now eligible for government sponsorship under Human Resources Development Fund (or PSMB) 1Malaysia GRIP programme.

*Terms and conditions apply


“Thought leadership on customer service!”
Tim Johnson, Director Customer Service and Support, Bandag Inc.

“The ICMI team gave us the foundation for continuing development of our frontline leadership. I would highly recommend this process for organizations that are willing to invest in their leadership to enhance an organization’s performance.”
Natalie Moyer-Gaunce, Operations Manager, Humana

“ICMI met with us before training to understand our company’s objectives and desired outcomes. After the training, we are seeing our managers apply this knowledge through different thinking and applications. I would recommend Essential Skills and Knowledge for Effective Contact Center Management to any company that needs a refresher or better understanding of capacity planning.”
Bryan Cich, Director, Learning & Development, LexisNexis

“Everything taught by ICMI during a one-day customized training course was immediately actionable – my team was able to implement new skills the following day and start driving improvements to the customer experience. ICMI remained engaged post-training through additional support and resources to make sure our investment continues to pay dividends. This was one of the best training experiences we’ve had, and will definitely look to ICMI for our next initiative!”
Devin Rahn, Director, Customer Insights and Support, Emerson Ecologics