CLC IPMA Competent Manager Certification

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This course is fully funded by 1Malaysia GRIP

Under this initiative, any Malaysian who is currently working with a company registered in Malaysia is eligible to apply. Please fill in the form in order to check your eligibility.
Or call us directly (Ms Carolyn: 012-8863611)



Course Summary:

The IPMA framework consists of 3 competences and a total of 18 topics that will be delivered over 6 weeks via online and classroom training. 


• Enhancing Your Creativity
• Professionalism, Business Etiquette, and Personal Accountability
• Problem Solving: Determining and Building Your Strengths
• Critical Thinking Essentials: Applying Critical Thinking Skills
• Business Ethics
• Communicating with Confidence


• Managing for Rapid Change & Uncertainty
• Creating and Sustaining a Customer-focused Organisation
• Developing Strong Customer Relationships
• The Internet, Social Media, and Electronic Communication
• Achieving Goals through Perseverance and Resilience
• Leadership Essentials: Leading Innovation


• Using Strategic Thinking Skills
• Thinking Like a CFO: Mind-set and Financial Priorities
• Business Management and Strategy: HR and the Strategic Planning
• Marketing Essentials: Introduction to Marketing
• IT Strategy Essentials: Business and IT Strategy Alignment
• Operations Management and the Organization


341509-1052587-108x108-9668100TB01WORLD-CLASS ONLINE EDUCATION
As a Certified Professional Manager by IPMA, professionals interested in further career development will be able to pursue an MBA with prestigious institutions while also enjoying a number of exemptions. The program is recognised for credit transfer by The Paris Graduate School of Management, Buckinghamshire New University and IPE Management School Paris.


341509-1052590-108x108-9668160TB04DESIGNED FOR BUSY PROFESSIONALS
The IPMA framework has been designed with convenience and flexibility in mind for busy professionals. The programme is delivered over a 6-week period through a combination of online and classroom learning, providing the best of both worlds for professionals seeking to upgrade their managerial skills.


341509-1052593-108x108-9668120TB02INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION
Benchmarked by UK NARIC against the UK National Qualifications Framework (NQF) – the UK-based IPMA examination scheme provides students and managers with the fundamental skills and knowledge for them to be better managers and decision makers.



341509-1052594-109x109-9668150TB03GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED UNDER HRDF
The IPMA Competent Manager Certification offered by CLC is now eligible for government sponsorship under HRDF.

*Terms and conditions apply



The International Professional Managers Association is an International Examining, Licensing and Regulatory Professional body formed for the purpose of providing practicing managers with the opportunity to participate and to be part of the process of improving managerial performance and effectiveness in all areas of business, industry and public administration. 

Managers of today work in an era of constant change. Increasing competitive pressures, rapid developments in Information Technology, Telecommunications, and a more demanding society altogether pose challenges crying out for effective solutions. Organisations today therefore need to have skilled Managers who can address these demanding challenges and have the ability to develop and implement the most effective business strategies to solve these problems. 

Our primary objective, as an International examining, licensing and regulatory professional body, is to improve the key skills required for effective management. Through our examination and licensing qualifying scheme we strive to create awareness and understanding of new technology and new techniques of management so that our qualified managers have the necessary skills to improve their personal effectiveness for their organisations and also to enable them to have a satisfying and rewarding career in Management.