This all new Certified Master of Ceremonies (CMC), IPMA, UK, programme will show you how you can master the skills of a professional MC. You will learn not just the skills but also to practise in a dynamic learning environment, coached by professional practitioners. You will also be assessed on site as an event MC in a simulated mock event! Highly practical and interactive.

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The Master of Ceremonies (generally known as Emcee or in short MC) is the “conductor” of an event or meeting. The primary responsibility of the Master of Ceremonies is to serve as a genial host. An ideal MC is a person who has poise, presence and who can command the attention of an audience.Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 1.24.53 AM

The Master of Ceremonies is responsible for ensuring that the program/event runs smoothly, runs on time and that all the important people at the event are introduced in a complimentary, professional manner. Being a successful Master of Ceremonies requires preparation, a friendly manner and the ability to adjust or to ad-lib as necessary to ensure a successful event.

Finding the right people to put on stage as the host of your event is really, really important. You’ve got to have the right personalities and presence on stage as you continue to thread the theme or series through the night. It is often said that the MC can make or break your event on the day itself.

Being the MC can be a wonderful responsibility, both for the individual and for their company. In fact every company would really need someone internal and can even train a few of their employees to do some of the smaller or easier emceeing jobs for their own events instead of outsourcing each time, especially for smaller scale or internal events. They can learn to handle internal events efficiently and thus may even save the company some additional expenses.

At the same time, this workshop will be a good learning ground for personal development and to enhance yours or your staff’s capabilities in this area. You may just discover the hidden talents in you and/or the gem that you are to your organisation!

Those who are keen to enhance their credentials and proceed in this career can apply for the Certification programme as Certified Master of Ceremonies, certified by IPMA, UK.

7 reasons why you would want to be in this programme

  1. You can NOW gain a new professionally recognised certification by IPMA, UK – So upgrade yourself professionally, learn new skills & knowledge- BOOST YOUR CAREER!
  3. Learn 1st hand from the professionals who have done it and made it! You don’t need to make the same mistakes by learning from others
  4. A systematic approach to being the Master of Ceremonies (MC), leaving no rooms for errors when it comes to preparation and on-site performance. Leave with system and documents to get you started as the MC.
  5. A dynamic learning environment to practise and get constructive criticism for better performance. Live simulated mock-up for more effective learning. Get evaluated on the spot! You will be coached personally and we will also assess your performance as the MC.
  6. You will learn not just the skills of being a professional MC but also how to manage on-site crisis and how to work with 3rd parties to ensure a successful event.
  7. Be a part of a community of MCs and Event Managers for sharing and learning. You will have access to our resources and coaches to ask for help when needed!


A highly interactive and participative workshop that will help to bring out the hidden talents and skills of yours, to be as good as a professional MC. You will be pushed beyond your limit and to show what you are really capable of. Besides the classroom learning, you will have to present and perform live individually as well as in a team with practical assignments and live mock-up sessions. You will be recorded and what better way to learn other than to gain all the valuable criticism on your performance in an internal dynamic learning environment from the pool of professional trainers, facilitators and fellow course mates. It will be fun, dynamic and we can ensure you that effective learning will take place.

What you will get:

  • You will get 1st-hand knowledge from experienced practitioners who are professional MCs in their field
  • A systematic approach to being an effective MC with proven system consisting of templates and checklist
  • You will be given a copy of the recordings done on your presentation assignment at the workshop for future review
  • You get to practise what you learned on the spot and be evaluated.
  • Post-event group forum to network with Coach/Trainer– You can continue to ask even after the workshop, especially when you go live!
  • Online community of MCs & event managers with forum, blogs, and on-going articles of interest, for sharing and networking
  • We can provide you with live on-the-job training opportunities with our on-going events, if required.
  • You will get the Certificate in Attendace to show that you have attended the 2-day workshop
  • For those on certification programme, will get a UK-based professional certification as “Certifed Master of Ceremonies” provided by International Professional Managers Association, IPMA, UK that comes with one-year IPMA, UK membership for continuining education.

This programme is for anyone who would like to learn to be a Master of Ceremonies, in a professional way and to gain a certification as “Certified Master of Ceremonies”. We will help to bring out all the hidden talents of yours; encouraging you to perform beyond what you thought was your limit. This workshop and the programme will be full of illustrations and practice.

Some of the learning objectives from the workshop include:

  • The 3P’s of being an emcee. That is Prepare, Practise and Perform
  • How to handle pre-event requirements and how to ask for information that can help you to perform better
  • How to structure the script for an event and the methods to address the audience
  • How to manage the use of language, pronunciations & enunciations of words
  • To master the proper use of equipments especially with the microphones and sound system, including how to conduct sound test
  • How to make the audience feel at ease and to create the mood for the event
  • Trouble-shooting of problems during an event and crisis management
  • Understanding how to use certain key documents or checklist and how to work more effectively with all parties involved so that you can give a good show
  • On-site coordination and operation issues including how to manage or organise special needs or sessions during events, eg how to ensure an effective lucky draws session
  • And most of all, giving the audience a great time.

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